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Tips for brewing Green tea in a teapot

Follow these simple steps to brew the perfect pot of green tea:

Teapot, Glass teapot, Teapot with infuser

  • Fill a kettle with fresh drinking water, and heat the water, don’t let it boil. Approximately 85° C
  • Take a small teapot, fill hot water in it, and warm the teapot for two to three minutes
  • Discard the water in the teapot before you add the freshly boiled water
  • If the teapot has an infuser basket/filter add one rounded teaspoon (approx 2 gms) of dry loose green tea leaves per cup of water/person
  • Pour the hot water directly from the kettle over the leaves in the teapot
  • Let it steep for 2 – 4 minutes as per your taste. Remove the brewed tea leaves to prevent it from over brewing
  • An exceptional quality green tea can be brewed at least two to three times.

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