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Green Tea Infuser Mug with Strainer and Lid

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This beautiful mug is perfect for the ultimate tea drinking experience, especially when drinking infusions and green teas. The mug has an infuser where you place the whole leaf, you can infuse the leaf to the desired strength and use it multiple times. 

Features: The Mug is made up of high-grade Porcelain, it has a heavy Lid which prevents the tea from cooling down quickly.

Usage Instructions: The Mug and infuser make it convenient to brew loose leaf teas. Put the tea in the infuser, pour hot water and brew to desired time and strength.

Capacity: Holds about 300 ml of Liquid.

Miscellaneous: Food Safe, Lead-Free, Made with Porcelain, Microwave Safe

Dimensions : Height - 10 cms; Dia - 8 cms

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