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Tea Gift - A centuries old tradition.

Gifting Tea is the oldest gifting tradition documented and known to man. The history of gifting tea can trace back to the 18th century when it was gifted by the Emperor of China to the British, Portuguese, and other Royal families around the world.

Today, across the world, people continue to celebrate special events by giving gifts to tea lovers. One of the reasons why it continues to be popular is because it is the second most consumed beverage after water. At Teacupsfull, we have curated a variety of tea in luxurious tea gift sets for tea lovers, ensuring that there is a perfect tea gift for every tea lover and enthusiast.

Tea Gift Sets: Elevate the Tea Connoisseur’ experience.

If you know of someone who appreciates finer things in life and leads a sophisticated lifestyle. You can gift them bespoke teas, accompanied with premium teaware like teapots, teacups, and tea accessories to elevate their tea experience.

Tea Gift Hampers for family and friends Under Rs. 4,000: Luxury yet Affordable

Buying a gift on a budget there are plenty of options, from teacup sets, for less than Rs. 4,000 you can gift a thoughtful gift hamper which has tea and beautifully designed teacups, saucers, and even a teapot. All packed with an eye to detail, it will make tea-time feel special.

Gourmet Tea Gift Hampers and Tea Sets under Rs. 3,000

Ever wondered what are gourmet tea hampers? Our team of tea gifting experts have got you covered; they have crafted gifts at every price point making it easy for you to take a decision.

Tea Gifts for Chai lovers: To compliment Indian Flavors

Chai and India are synonymous, it is an ideal present for anyone who loves chai. You can choose from our best-selling chai which includes the traditional masala chai, karak chai, premium Assam blend of Assam CTC Chai and Darjeeling Tea.

Presents for Tea Lovers:

You know a tea lover and are confused as to what gift to give. Don’t stress as our team of experts have the ideal collection of tea from various tea growing regions in India which will surely, please any tea lover.

Gifts for Afternoon Tea Lovers: Where style, elegance meets functionality.

For a traditional afternoon tea, consider gifting a three-tiered cake stand, with stylish and functional tea strainers accompanied with floral teacups. Don’t forget to add a box of teas to enhance the afternoon tea experience.

Ideal gifts for Hot Tea Lovers: Keep it warm.

Hot tea lovers often complain that their tea is not hot, you can solve this problem by gifting them insulated flasks, double walled glasses and double walled tea mugs which will ensure that their tea will stay hot till the last drop.

Unusual Gifts for Tea Lovers: Give them a surprise.

If you want to surprise the tea lover friend or a family member, consider some unique blends and accompany those with tea accessories. You can gift them Zafrani Chai – A Saffron based tea, which is unique and immensely popular. Consider these out of the box ideas and we are sure it will surely delight the tea lover.

Gifts for Tea Lovers in India: A gift of tea culture of India.

India has a rich tea culture with diverse flavours from various tea growing regions. We have a gift for every tea lover in India, consider gifting them speciality teas from Darjeeling like Moonlight white tea, Darjeeling First Flush tea, Second Flush tea or Orthodox tea from Assam, like a tea gift box of Assam Orthodox with golden tips or even masala chai. You can pair this with an infuser and make it a memorable tea gift for the tea lover in your life. 

Best Gifts for Tea Lovers: Add a personal touch.

Selecting the best tea gift for a tea lover eventually comes down to his / her individual taste and preference. Adding a personal touch by ensuring that you buy tea which they like will make it a well thought out gift and make their tea ritual a memorial experience.

Luxury Tea Gift Set: A Complete Experience

Experience luxury in every sip, gifting a luxury tea gift set is an extravagant gesture of making the person feel important. These sets typically feature Single Estate Teas from bespoke award-winning tea estates from Darjeeling and Assam. You can also add meticulously designed teapots, cups, and accessories to give them a true luxurious tea experience.

Tea Lovers Gift Set: A thoughtful and Convenient

Tea lovers gift sets typically include functional teapots, or tea for one sets and accessories. You can also choose from a variety of loose-leaf teas or luxury pyramid tea bags to add style and make the gift set for tea lovers memorable.

Luxury Tea Gifts: The Art of Giving.

Master the art of giving a gift, luxury tea is not about just taste and presentation, it is about the entire experience. From custom made tea packs and tea gift sets, we go that extra mile to make personalise your gift by gift wrapping it along with a personalised message from you.  

Tea Gift Sets for Her: Floor her with elegance

If you are buying a tea gift set for a special woman, consider feminine designs, like florals in pastel colours and floral motifs. These will surely bring a sparkle to her eyes and add an elegant touch to her tea moments.

Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers: A world of Infinite Possibilities

In 2024, there is a tea gift for every occasion and every tea lover’s taste. The exciting world of tea is brimming with tea gifts from various tea cultures of the world, from classic and traditional teas to unique blends. There is a tea for every tea lover.

Customised corporate gifts – Master the fine art of tea gifting.

Impress your customers or employees with customised gifts with your company or brand logo. You can customise the message for them so that they feel motivated and connected to your business.

Diwali gifts 2024 – A time for friends and family

Diwali is the most celebrated event in India, this year it falls on the 29th of October. It is one day when we exchange gifts with our friends, family, neighbors, clients, and employees. It is the perfect time to shower them with gifts to show that you care for them. Tea makes the perfect gift for Diwali as after the festival the weather changes with the advent of winter, what better way to be remembered for the gift you give when they sit in solace and enjoy their cup of tea.

Wedding Gifts and Favours – A return gift for the ones you love.

To make your wedding memorable to thank family and friends, you can gift a Tea box of exotic teas which are charming and thoughtful. Our exquisite collection of teas, teacups, tea ware and tea accessories are a wonderful choice for gifting during the wedding season.

 Tea Christmas Gifts: Seasonal Delights

This is the season when everyone is humming their favourite Christmas Carols, it is the season of gifts, fun and joy. Consider festive and warming tea blends. You can consider holiday themed teacups, tea mugs and tea cozies and tea pot warmers to add warmth to your Christmas gift in those chilly winter evenings.

 Best Tea Gift Sets: For an authentic tea experience

The best tea gift sets are carefully curated with outstanding teas which are flavourful and tasty. Our tea tasters will advice you to include classic tea blends and unique teas to complimented with premium teaware and tea accessories. The perfect gift can make the tea ritual even more special.