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Where is Sikkim located

Sikkim is a state in northeastern India and the Eastern Himalayas. The Nepalese word for it is 'Sikim'. It shares borders with the Tibet in the north and northeast, Bhutan in the east, Province No. 1 of Nepal in the west, and West Bengal in the south.   Sikkim is the Indian state with the fewest people and the second-smallest size. Sikkim is in the Eastern Himalaya. It has both alpine and subtropical climates and is home to Kangchenjunga, the highest mountain in India and the third highest on Earth.

About Sikkim

Sikkim converted its agriculture to fully organic between 2003 and 2016, and is now the first state in India to an organic state. Sikkim is the largest producer of cardamom in India, and is also the world’s second largest producer of spice after Guatemala. 

Sikkim Tea Estate

There are two tea estates in Sikkim. Temi Tea Estate which is owned by the Government of Sikkim and Bermiok Tea Estate which is a boutique tea garden owned by Nikhil Pradhan, a second generation Tea Planter. The most famous tea garden in Sikkim is Temi and Bermiok. 

Bermiok Tea Estate

Established in 2002 by Mr Tashi Desapa, the tea estate is spread across 15 acres and has an elevation from 2500 ft to 3500 ft. It is the youngest tea estate in Sikkim and is 100% Organic. Since the garden is relatively young, it is planted with clonal variety of TV 1 and TV 2, the teas from this garden are more floral and woody with a nice fresh aroma. The garden produces only 1200 kgs of tea a yer.

Temi Tea Estate

Temi Tea Garden was founded in 1969 and is the oldest tea estate, it is run and owned by the state. Spread over 440 acres, it produces certified organic tea. The garden received its organic certification in 2017 and is recognized by the IMO control board of India.

Everything you need to know about Sikkim Temi & Bermiok tea

They make all varieties of tea like First Flush, Second Flush, Autumn, Green Tea, Oolong tea and White tea. All teas made in Sikkim are 100% Organic and they are made in a pollution free environment.