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Tea Gifts

Finding the perfect tea gift is an art that captures uniqueness, matches the recipient, and reflects your bond. Teacupsfull simplifies this process with a stunning selection of tea gifts available at various price ranges, suitable for every occasion

What kind of tea gifts and tea gift sets are available?

Tea is the ideal present for anyone and any occasion and makes it the perfect gift all year round! We have teas of all enticing flavours, including the tealicious, tantalising varieties, which makes wonderful presents. We offer a variety of tea, loose leaf tea caddies, tea bags and 

All different kinds of tea-rrific combos are included in our tea gift packs, from herbaceous herbals in a variety of varietals to specialty combos like groups of greens, blooming good blacks, charismatic chai collections from Assam, bespoke Darjeeling Tea including Darjeeling First Flush, Darjeeling Second Flush and Darjeeling White tea, and not to forget boxes of breakfast tea. To simply put it we have Tea for you, tea for me, and tea for the entire family, all guaranteed when you give the gift of tea with love!

Teacupsfull Tea Kits with a scoop, infuser, and two caddies of loose-leaf tea and tisane will have any novice tea drinkers gasping, but our assorted tea box sets with limited-edition tea mugs and infusers are always appreciated.

What is there in a tea gift set?

You can select Teacupsfull tea gift sets which are sure to make the recipient thank you  with delight when they discover their favourite tea bags inside. Our selection of tea gift sets is as varied as our healthy Herbal teas.

We offer bespoke collections for those who are experts in green tea, love breakfast tea, chai, masala chai and fruity tea. Our clever pairings of everyone's favourite specialty teas are insanely popular, but our joyfully dazzling Diwali and Christmas gift sets consistently win the prize.

But why stop with tea alone? Make someone day special by adding a beautiful teacup, tea mug, or tea infuser. Since it's the little things that matter, we also have everything you need to make tea rituals simple and enjoyable.

What is a tea hamper gift box?

A tea hamper gift box is a collection of tea, teaware and tea accessories that are packaged together in a basket or box and given as a gift. Tea hampers can include a variety of items such as different types of tea, tea accessories like infusers and tea mugs, and we can include other complementary items like honey or cookies. They make for a thoughtful and is a delightful gift for any tea lover.

Can I customize my Tea Gift Hamper?

Yes, we can customize the tea hamper box from our collection of tea and tea accessories. We can also customize the tea hamper with suitable branding as per your brand guidelines.

Are tea gift sets a thoughtful present?

Teacupsfull tea gift sets come in gift boxes that showcase not only exquisitely fragrant loose-leaf tea but also tea ware and tea-brewing tea accessories. Our tea mugs and teacups come packaged in elegant gift boxes and feature gracious, gorgeous florals, exciting patterns, and bold, beautiful colours. Your special someone can enjoy these exquisite designs while sipping a hot beverage from the accompanying tea boxes.

Not sure if the recipient of your gift enjoys tea a lot? A box of assorted tea bags is a great way to introduce them to various tea flavours and styles. 

What makes tea the perfect gift?

As per Oprah Daily and The Tea Detective, tea makes a perfect gift with its health benefits, versatility, affordability, and wide range of blends and flavors. You can gift tea gift basket, make your own tea hamper, or give our bespoke tea gift set. You can gift tea all year round. Our tea chests, assorted tea collection and bespoke gift collections and tea accessories make great gifts for tea lovers.

Where can I find tea gift sets and tea gift packs?

Shopping at our online Teacupsfull Tea Store is easy. It has a collection of bespoke curated gifts and a choice of assorted tea bag boxes, loose leaf teas, wellness teas, tisanes and, as well as tea gift sets with useful inclusions of tea accessories. Lose yourself in the incredible variety of tea collections ! 

For those who want to shop offline, you can visit our experience centre where we have a variety of gift pack sets, exclusively available in our tea store in Gurugram. 

What packaging do the tea gift sets & tea gift packs have?

Our tea gift sets are packaged in beautiful gift boxes in every colour and comes in various sizes and shapes. While there are options for every delicious flavour in the world, inside are the gifts of love and fresh or cherished memories!

The Teacupsfull promise.

We understand the emotion attached with gifting. Each tea featured in our tea gift collection has been personally curated by Tea Masters & Tea Tasters assuring you an authentic tea experience. As each tea gift comes with the seal of authenticity and the promise of unparalleled quality and offering you a bespoke tea experience.