A quite desirable blend of Assam & Darjeeling leaf teas that is best for tea lovers who wish to have a blend for regular use, given that all packaged teas in the market, excepting none, are now tasteless and flavourless. I hope that we continue to get quality blends in the medium price range given the fact of the havoc climate change has caused on tea growing.

- WG Belagavi, KARNATAKA

Excellent flavour . Love the Jasmine Tea pearls. Genuine Jasmine

- Prajakta Vats, Bangalore

The jasmine flavour in the pearls were the best compared to other orders made by me.

- Laju M. Balani, Gujarat

You are best Tea gift curator. We have been getting best packaging and perfect look for gifting. Always getting appreciation from our clients

- Shivam Raghav, Delhi

Thank you Teacupsfull for this unique collection of teas for every occasion. My friends and family from Sydney, Australia and Halifax, Canada have given repeat orders of the Masala Chai. It’s been a very pleasant customer experience. Wishing your endeavour the best.

- Monica Ramesh, Australia

Love it…. so refreshing even the packaging is brilliant. The flavour and smell of cinnamon is just too addictive. To all the tea lovers go for this brand it truly is reliable.

- Kelevinuo Shuya, Singapore

Cutest tea shop ever! Carefully curated , and prettily packaged: every sip commands a flush of joy.They offer an awesome array - it’s impossible to choose! Thank you for reinventing and redefining a cup of tea.

- Chitra Das, Gurgaon

It’s only until , one graduates to the true taste of boutique Tea , is when on realized what they have been missing out on their entire life with those awe full off the shelf corporatized tea brands . I switched 5 years ago to TeaCupsFull. It has totally changed my morning and evening tea. Highly recommend Teacupsfull. You will get hooked !

- Vandana Mehra, Noida

I was a caffeine addict.. until I saw my parents sipping this tea. It’s amazing, good hot tea in the morning helps wake up and get going faster than any coffees.Tea is very light.. saves a lot of room for breakfast. Do give it a try!

- Arya Behera, Mumbai

They have a huge variety of tea - from Darjeeling to Assam tea and from Green Tea to oolong tea! Best part is that they have cute crockery for serving tea! I bet you won’t be able to step out without treating yourself with some or the other amazing tea

- Feathers in my pockets, Delhi

Best tea selection. Masala tea is the best, authentic taste, aromatic and full of flavours. also teacupsfull is all about best customer service and professional and prompt response. Love them.

- Monika Bhatia, Dubai

Great product. I have personally tried and tasted the product. They deliver what they commit. Best wishes to them

- Sumit Ghosh, Kolkata

Fantastic teas and great service . Highly highly recommend the product. Keep up the good work . Enjoyed a lot !!!

- Sumit Dasgupta, Liluah