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How TeaCupsFull was born?

Shikha Puri got married in Puri family in 2006 and as a family ritual would visit Darjeeling home every year. This was in one of the visits to the tea estate that she realised that while India produced the best tea in the world, the good teas were all exported leaving mediocre teas for the domestic market. Her friends would visit abroad and would buy and bring Indian teas from there back to India.

This didn’t feel right.

She realised the gap and decided to bridge it and bring good teas for tea lovers in India. She left her flourishing career in advertising and joined hands with her father in law and her husband and together they formed TeaCupsFull..

TeaCupsFull Promise

The drive behind TeaCupsFull is purely our passion for tea. Tea is in Puri family’s DNA. Whatever we do truly revolves around our love for tea.

Our endeavor is only to ensure we bring good teas for tea lovers that are delicious and healthy and are sourced ethically. We will always follow Mr Puri’s path of unwavering commitment to quality, freshness, and purity of origin, now and forever. We thank our patrons for showering their love on us. And we promise you the most authentic tea experience always.


Meet the Puri Clan

Shikha Puri

Co-Founder & CEO

Divya Puri

Co-Founder & Tea Taster

Kumkum Puri

The Better Half of Tea