Finding a trusted source for sourcing your tea can be challenging, confusing, and intimidating. At Teacupsfull, Arthavya Lifestyle Pvt Lt, we take pride in being able to service our clients with the best teas available at reasonable prices.


Arthavya Lifestyle Pvt Ltd/Teacupsfull is among India's best wholesale suppliers of loose leaf tea. Our teas are sourced directly from iconic tea gardens. The loose leaf tea leaves are of the highest quality, ensuring that you get a flavourful cup of tea every day.


At Teacupsfull we believe in the philosophy of “Picked at the Bud and then by us”. With over five decades experience in the tea industry, we are able to buy the best teas every season.


Our range of business services goes beyond traditional selling. We will advise you on existing market trends, emerging trends and flavours, and wholesale tea range from "white labelling" to "customising blends" and "drop shipping." If you are looking to buy loose leaf tea from a wholesaler of tea, you won't be disappointed with us.

What do we offer as Suppliers of Premium Tea Leaves?

Arthavya Lifestyle Pvt Ltd/Teacupsfull is among the leading wholesale loose tea leaf suppliers in the country. Over the years we have perfected the taste for over 100 unique tea blends to suit your palate, our range includes a variety of Black Teas, Green teas, White tea, Oolong Tea, CTC Tea, Herbal Blends, Tisanes and Wellness blends. We have a wide range of Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea, Sikkim Tea, Nilgiri tea and Organic Teas.


We follow stringent SOP’s which ensure good quality teas. We ensure complete traceability of all our products and ingredients.


Over the years we have innovated and introduced a range of tisanes, herbal teas and wellness teas for your daily lifestyle. We added pyramid tea bags to our wholesale tea business's list of products. We use the best quality ingredients like chamomile, rooibos, ashwagandha, lavender, spearmint, peppermint and over 30 other herbs and spices.


The triangle shape of the pyramid tea bags allows enough room for the whole leaf teas, spices and herbs to unfurl and give you an unmatched flavourful cup of tea. We can also customise the tea bag with your brand's name on it.


Our years of research on blends and our experience with herbs and spices allows us to customise tea blends. You can either customise the tea blend or give us your formulation and we will blend it for you.


We are authorised exporters of tea and are registered with the Tea Board of India to carry out business of exports of tea.

Why Choose us ?

Over five decades experience in tea

Our teas are fresh and sourced directly from the tea gardens

We work with tea gardens and estates that follow sustainable practices

We buy teas from 100% Organic Certified Tea Gardens and provide

Organic certification from the tea estate on request.

Over 100 blends to choose from

Customised Organic Tea Blends

We use fresh herbs and spices

Strict SOPs for quality control at every step

All blending & packaging is done inhouse

Our tea taster & master tea blenders supervise and ensure quality control at every step

Fast turn around with personalised service

Honest and fair pricing

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