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Rooibos Tea

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Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is a herb which grows only in South Africa along the Cadeberg Mountains. The leaves of rooibos are harvested once a year and oxidised naturally under the sun which gives it a red colour and makes it the perfect herbal tea. The flavour of rooibos is smooth, sweet and mild with hints of nut, vanilla, caramel and fruit. Rooibos is enjoyed as a hot or cold beverage without milk, with or without sweeteners. Many South Africans enjoy Rooibos as a hot beverage with milk, sweetened with sugar or honey. Rooibos can be reheated without losing any flavour or becoming bitter.


Dry Leaf: Delicate needles of rooibos leaf

Aroma: Warm woody notes

Colour of Liquor: Bright golden

Flavour of the Tea: The liquor is smooth, gentle with a natural sweetness and slight nutty taste.

Compliments: Best enjoyed with white Cheese, chocolate and éclair

Brewing Instructions:  Always use fresh water. Bring water to near boiling point. Take one teaspoon of tea leaves in a cup. Pour the heated water and steep the tea for 3-4 mins.  Adjust the time of brewing as per desired strength. Leaves can be steeped multiple times till it gives flavour.

Tea Master Recommendation: Can be had with milk and sugar. You can add lemon and honey to taste. Always use fresh water. Do not use re-boiled water. The brewed leaves can be steeped multiple times with an increase in steeping time. Sip it when it cools down a little instead of boiling hot for enhanced flavour.