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Beauty Tips Using Green Tea

by Shikha Puri 02 Jun 2020 1 comment
Beauty Tips Using Green Tea


We have seen celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor talking about the health benefits of green tea. Thanks to them almost every household in urban India will vouch that green tea is good for health.



Bust let us share some essential life hacks on how you can use reuse the tea bag after making a cup of tea. Many of us use green tea bags and discard them. Green tea contains an astringent called tannins which can tighten the skin. The small tea bag is packed with nutrients which can work wonders for your face, hair and eyes. You can use try these simple hacks to look gorgeous over the next 21 days.

 For tired eyes

Wink your eyes like Priya Prakash Varrier and make heads turn. A simple DIY, after you have usedthe green tea bag, instead of throwing it, cool them by placing it in the refrigerator.  Once cooled take it out and put them on your eyes. The cold tea bags will reduce the swelling on your tired eyes and tighten the skin, making you look young and sexy.

For glowing skin

You always admired Disha Patni’s glowing skin. Here is how you can make your dull skin glow in a matter of ten minutes. Now that you know that green tea can tighten the skin. You can make a simple green tea facial scrub at home using your used green tea bag.

Cut open the green tea bag, mix the contents with powdered sugar and water and any exfoliating scrub. Mix all the contents together, apply it on the skin for an incredible natural glow. 

As a face mask

You too can have a glowing skin like Anushka Sharma, she makes her own homemade facial pack. We are sharing a simple make at home facial mask.Empty the contents of the used green teabag, add equal amounts of honey and baking powder to it. Mix well and apply for 5 minutes, ensure that the green tea is cold or at room temperature. 

Baking soda is an excellent exfoliator which will help detox the skin. The honey and green tea will rejuvenate the skin. Applying this mask will make your skin glow.

For shiny, healthy hair

You would have always admired the long gergous hair of Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha, but did you know you too can have shiny hair like them.

Use green tea to rinse your hair; it gives a gorgeous shine. Take two green tea bags, place the tea bags in a pan of boiling water and brew for 10 to 15 minutes. Leave the green tea overnight, the next morning, pour some on your damp hair, massage your scalp gently, leave for 8 – 10 minutes. Rinse it off apply a sulphate free shampoo. And voila your hair will have a shine.

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31 Dec 2020 Halmari Tea

This is great information about Green tea. Also, you amazingly describe the benefits of Green Tea. Thanks for sharing.

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