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Bermiok Tea Estate – Producers of Organic Tea

by Shikha Puri 14 Jun 2017 0 Comments
Bermiok Tea Estate – Producers of Organic Tea - Teacupsfull, Tea cups full

The Bermiok Tea Estate is a boutique private tea estate located in the village of Bermiok in the Indian state of Sikkim, amidst the pristine Himalayan region and the country’s first fully organic state. It has 100% young clonal tea bushes, which is biodynamically cultivated. The Organic teas produced here are well-known for their rich aroma and woody taste. The estate practices age-old agricultural methods to preserve the heritage and secrets that have been passed on by generations.

Bermiok Tea Estate was established by Bermiok Rinpoche, a scion of the distinguished Bermiok Densapa family, which is renowned for its staunch Buddhist roots and impeccable years of service to Sikkim’s administration, right from the time of the Chogyals (monarchy). He established Bermiok Tea Estate in 2003 with a vision to grow speciality teas from this region, the prime objective is to provide a source of sustainable livelihood for the villagers, and to share the rich history of the family and this region with the world.

In the Bermiok tea estate, everything is 100% Organic and they abide by the 5 basic principles of Buddha: no killing (not even mosquitoes or earthworms), no lying, no stealing or cheating, no drugs (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.), and no adultery. To sum it up, Bermiok tea is made with unconditional love for the environment and selfless service to the community.

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About Sikkim

Sikkim, a beautiful Himalayan Buddhist kingdom was founded in 164 and joined the democratic mainstream of The Indian Union as its 22nd State in 1975. It is India’s 2nd smallest state with an area of 7,096 sq. km. A geographically stunning region teeming with rich bio-diversity and culture, it is today a popular international tourist destination for Buddhism, horticulture and adventure sports.

The state has 28 mountain peaks, 21 glaciers, 227 high altitude lakes, five hot springs, eight mountain passes and over 100 rivers and streams, one National Park and six wildlife sanctuaries. Sikkim began its organic mission in 2003 when the State Government banned the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers and called for the agricultural community to return to natural methods of farming.

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