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Edenvale / Maharani Tea Estate

by Shikha Puri 04 Oct 2017 1 comment
Edenvale / Maharani Tea Estate
Over a century ago in 1870, in Kurseong, Mr Kerr at an elevation of 1066 metres to 1358 metres planted this tea garden. True to its name, the garden has scenic views and produces some the best second flush tea. The garden has 100% China bushes which is known for its flavour and delicate tastes.
Some interesting personal stories
Maharani is managed by the Manager in Margarets Hope, it is now an out division of Margarets Hope Tea Estate. According to former Margaret's Hope, Manager, Bingo - "the tea made from the 100% China bushes is a treat for tea lovers, their Second Flush Tea is to die for and is by far the best quality Darjeeling tea that money can buy".
You can buy Margaret's Hope Tea at selected by Mr Puri and Mr Pradhan Ex Goodricke Tea Planters, an assurance that no other tea boutique can give. 

1 comment

27 Apr 2023 David Rattray
Would you have the full name of MR KERR. I am a descendant of George Retson Kerr who was a tea planter in the Darjeeling area about the time. I am completing a Kerr Family History and would be please to share his story if he is the MR Kerr.

BTW we spent a week in beautiful Darjeeling, just pre COVID and loved the area greatly.

Thank you
David Rattray Ottawa Canada

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