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How to look dead drop gorgeous and fit like Disha Patani

by Shikha Puri 28 Nov 2018 1 comment
Disha Patani - Green Tea, Disha Patani - Fitness secrets revealed

Disha has been making headlines in the news over the past few days, her latest photo shoot with Calvin Klein, the 23-year-old is the hottest new face of CK in India. Her claim to fame is when she became the First Runners Up of Miss Indore in 2013, she has a humble background, born in Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, her father is a police officer and her mother a housewife.

In 2016, she made her debut with Varun Tej in a Telugu film loafer. She actually rose to fame in 2016 in the biopic MS Dhoni – The untold story where she played the role of Priyanka Jha, Dhoni had a crush on her.

The diva has come a long way, she has given a new lesson to women as to how they can look hot and sexy wearing Calvin Klein. But did you know behind her gorgeous looks is a disciplined girl, who is careful of what she eats and drinks.

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If you are eager to know her fitness secrets then keep reading as there is no quick fix ways to losing weight, it is a disciplined approach to your lifestyle which can help you attain your goals. Disha is an inspiration to guys and girls, we are going to share her diet or fitness regime and give you a peek into her diet plan.

Disha works out twice a day, her morning regime is a combination of gymnastics and kickboxing, it helps to achieve balance and keeps you alert through the day as pumps adrenaline into the system. In the evening she likes to do a full cardio work out which includes cycling, dance both these activities require intense energy, she does yoga from time to time and works on her core. She believes that have the perfect abs is the secret to being fit.

According to Disha, she says “You are what you eat”, her advice is to eat well-balanced meals that include lots of fruit, vegetables and water. She insists on consuming at least 3 – 4 cups of green tea through the day as it a complete detox for her. Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants and helps in losing belly fat. In fact, research suggests that people who drink Green tea regularly are likely to have a healthy heart, such people are more mentally alert compared to people who drink coffee.

There is scientific evidence that green tea has the following benefits:

  1. It protects you from cardiovascular disease
  2. It increases your metabolism
  3. Improves dental health
  4. Keeps you mentally alert
  5. Increases your metabolism
  6. Aids weight loss and helps burn stubborn belly fat.


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