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How to make Chai?

by Shikha Puri 25 Nov 2019 0 Comments
How to make Chai?

Chai is made in almost every household across the country. Every region in the country has its own unique way of making tea. We thought of simplifying it and found a simple recipe which can be followed to make the perfect cup of chai.

Course Drink

Cuisine Indian

Prep time 2 minutes

Cook time 3 minutes

Total time 5 minutes

Ingredients Assam CTC Chai

Equipment Sauce Pan With Handle / Teapot

Instructions on how to make Chai

Step 1 Always use fresh water, pour water into a stainless steel pan, bring water to boil

Step 2 Add the chai / Assam CTC chai to it. Remember the thumb rule, one teaspoon of tea for every cup of water (180 ml)

Step 3 Steep / brew the tea leaves for the recommended time. Once you get the desired colour, strength, then add milk and sugar

Step 4 For every cup of tea you can follow a simple ratio of 2:1 ratio of water and milk respectively.  Add milk and sugar according to your preference.

Step 5 Once you have added milk and sugar turn down the heat. Simmer the chai for 2 – 3 minutes once it gets a bright colour, it is ready to be poured.

Step 6 Strain the chai.

Step 7 Pour into cups and enjoy it with a biscuit or Indian snacks.


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