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by Shikha Puri 04 Aug 2017 0 Comments
How to make green tea? Tea cups full, Teacupsfull

There are various grades and types of green tea. There is no standard grade of green tea or recipe. What we are sharing with you is a common basic method of brewing green tea. You need to discover your own taste and preference.

Step 1

Measure your tea; take about 2 gms or 2.5 gms of green tea leaves for 180 ml of water

Step 2

Boil water in a kettle, don’t let it come to boiling point, 85°C (185 °F) is the ideal temperature, you can either use a kitchen thermometer or turn off the kettle or gas stove when you see little bubbles erupting.


Step 3

Rinse the tea pot/mug / by pouring some hot water into the vessel to ensure the same temperature

Step 4

Put the green tea leaves into a strainer or put them into the tea pot.

Step 5

Pour the hot water over the leaves, let it brew/steep for 2 – 3 minutes. Time your brew according to your taste and liking

Step 6

If the tea tastes according to your liking, strain it out to prevent over brewing/steeping

Step 7

You can add condiments like honey and lemon if you want.

Enjoy your tea!

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