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Margaret's Hope - Best Darjeeling Tea Brand

by Shikha Puri 27 Sep 2017 0 Comments
Margarets Hope Tea Estate, Teacupsfull - Best Darjeeling Tea Brand

This garden was planted about a century ago in the beautiful Kurseong valley. In the year 1927 the garden got its unique name 'Margaret's Hope' by its owner Mr. Cruikshank named after his daughter Margaret who was very attached with the beauty of this garden. She promised to return while leaving for England but never did, she died during her journey on the ship. The aggrieved parents named the garden after her name, though the former name of the garden was Bara- Ring tong.

The sections of the gardens have China bushes which yields the best Darjeeling Tea. Margret’s Hope has rightfully earned the badge of being one of the best Darjeeling Tea brands among Darjeeling Tea connoisseurs, it is a feat that few gardens can claim. Margaret’s Hope tea has a loyal client list globally.

Margaret’s Hope Tea Garden is famed for its First Flush, Second Flush and Moonlight White tea.

Some interesting personal stories:

Mr Jivan Pradhan was the visiting agent for Margaret’s Hope. The drive from the main road to the factory and the Managers bungalow is really steep and a challenging test for the best hill drivers.

Margaret’s Deck has been designed by Mrs Pradhan, She is an authority on Tea Tourism and was behind the success of Glenburn Tea Estate’s tourism initiative.

At the Margaret’s Hope Tea Centre you can sip your favourite Goodricke Darjeeling Tea and also buy Goodricke tea in the beautiful scenic beauty of the valley.

N K Puri Ex Goodricke Group Limited; Margarets Hope Tea Manager - Bingo, Tea Masters  N K Puri, Former General Manager Goodricke Group with Bingo Suberwal Ex Manager of Margaret's Hope sharing a lighter moment at a gathering in Delhi

You can buy Margaret's Hope Tea at selected by Mr Puri and Mr Pradhan Ex Goodricke Tea Planters, an assurance that no other tea boutique can give.

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