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Sankos Tea Garden

by Shikha Puri 02 Oct 2019 4 Comments
Sankos Tea Garden

Sankos Tea garden is the last tea garden of West Bengal it borders Bhutan on one side and Assam on the other. It has Assam to its east, to the west it has Kumargram Tea garden, the Dumpara forest and subsequent part of Bhutan to the south, to the north lies the Huldibari busti.

The garden was founded in the year 1895, it got its name from the river Sankos which runs in the eastern border and separates it from Assam. Sankos is said to be derived from two words--Swarn – Kosh which means gold reserves. According to historical records, the river is supposed to have gold buried in its river bed.

The garden was maintained by the Assam Dooars Tea company under the management of Duncan Brothers and Company. Till 1977 the garden was maintained by the Calcutta Company, after which Goodricke Group Ltd took over the garden.

According to old historical records available, Sankos had a unique distinction, most managers served the garden for a minimum of 10 years. Some of the managers who served a decade each in Sankos were A.G Smith(1921-1932), D.Young(1932 -1947), Mr A.M.Bose, Mr R.S Taragi, Mr B.Raychaudhri, Mr B.Bonnerjea. Mr K.S David(1981-1984) and Mr Narendra Kumar Puri (1984-1988) served four years each.

Sankos produces top-quality CTC tea, a bulk of it bought from traders in Gujarat, Maharashtra and North India.


24 Jan 2023 SHAMIN Ahmed

ur mobile is switched off.Kindly call me in my mobile number is 9903141075.
I was the Factory Asstt from 2000 to 2002 at Sankos.Thanks.

07 May 2021 Sagar DAS

Hello sir my self Sagar Das. I live in sankos Tea garden . The garden is so beautiful. It have many wonderful places.sankos garden are so advance now and ready producing level are so good quality. Sir if possible u must come in india , Dist alipurduar, sankos tea garden , pin 736205. If any information u need contact me on this number 8509441904. Thank you sir happy to help u.

29 Nov 2020 Patricia Mavor

I hope you may be able to help me. My mother Jean Greig Smith was born at Sankos on 2nd November 1926 when her father A G Smith was the manager. Her brother Ian sadly passed away and is buried at Sankos, I would like to confirm these details if that is possible? I have many photos of Sankos as well as one of Ian’s grave, I would appreciate any information confirming the above and anything that would help me in my journey of discovery about my grandparents and uncle.

Thanks and I appreciate your time in reading this and helping me.
Patricia Jean Mavor
07729470093 (UK)

30 Jul 2020 PETE STUBBS

Hi please help me find more details about my Facebook page “the quest for the Sankos Cup”. Would love to have help to find out more.

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