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Sungma Tea Estate

by Shikha Puri 15 Sep 2019 0 Comments
Sungma Tea Estate

Sungma Tea Estate

Sungma Tea Estate is located in the Mirik Valley, the tea garden has breathtaking views of the undulating slopes of the Rung Bong. Sungmahas a rich history, it was established in 1863 by British Planters. The present garden is a combination of two tea estates namely Sungma & Turzum. The original name stands as “Sanga – Maru” taken from Tibetan dialect meaning a place where mushroom grows wildly and abundantly. Likewise, Turzum derived from “Taru – Zum” meaning a place of the weekly village market.

In 1934, there was a massive earthquake the Sungma factory was demolished, later the two tea gardens were merged and the entire manufacturing takes place in Turzum Tea Estate. In late 1950s the garden was taken over by Jhunjhunwala and mid-70s changed hand to Jindals. In 1993 The Jayshree Tea & Industries Ltd. took over this property and has been running successfully since then there has been a constant improvement in the health of the estate since then. Sungma has the following certifications:

  • Fair Trade license of ISO 1901:2008.
  • Organic certificates for NOP, JAS and NPOP by IMO.

Sungma Tea Garden has a beautiful Shiv Gouri Temple, it has an abundance of Cymbidium variety of orchid, high altitude floras and the locals grow vegetables. The tea garden has the best football ground in Darjeeling and it also has a pavilion, the garden has a reserve forest of more than 3000 fully mature pine trees.


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