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Green Tea: The best and worst time to drink it

by Shikha Puri 18 Sep 2021 0 Comments
Green Tea: The best and worst time to drink it

The best time to drink green tea is between meals. Consuming green tea on an empty stomach or directly after eating can disrupt the absorption of nutrients. Ideally, you should drink green tea 20 minutes before or after eating.

Drink Water in Addition to Green Tea

Drink water in addition to green tea

For every serving of green tea, you must drink the same amount of freshwater ideally after a break of 10 – 20 minutes. Why are we suggesting this? When you drink green tea, it also uses up water in the body; we don’t want you to get dehydrated as it can lead to metabolic problems. After consuming green tea if you are feeling thirsty, go ahead and drink some water. If you are still feeling thirsty reduce the tea dosage temporarily and try increasing it over time.

Successful Weight Loss with Green Tea

The most important thing about using green tea is that your body gives you signals, listen to them and don’t force yourself to drink it to reach your weight loss goals. If you are feeling uncomfortable or if any side effects occur, you should reduce your consumption of green tea immediately.

You can start by consuming one cup of green tea, then gradually increase it to two and three cups a day. Please do not force yourself to drink green tea. A small dosage of green tea has health benefits, make a start but do not overdo it. Having a mindset of “Drink More Green Tea to lose weight” is counterproductive, have a balanced approach when it comes to drinking green tea.

Diseases and Interactions

If you have a real medical issue, illness or a severe medical ailment, please consult your doctor or a medical practitioner. Before you start drinking green tea, discuss it in advance.

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