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The Hen Penn

by Shikha Puri 09 May 2020 0 Comments
The Hen Penn



Back in 1977, N.K. Puri was posted in Chalsa Tea Estate as an Assistant Manager and G.Sasan was posted at Matelli Murti Tea Estate. The Sasans and the Puris were good friends. One day they decided to see a movie in Mal Bazaar (a small town with two movie halls and a bench as the balcony seat). The kids were left in Mattelli in the Chhota Kothi to play with each other. As the Puri boys and the petite Sasan girl played hide and seek and chased each other in the lawn, little did they realise the trouble they would get into.


Seen in the picture is Aditya Puri and Divya Puri.


Aditya, the younger son of Puri's asked his friend, if she would like to hide in the Murgi Ghar (The Hen house). Innocently, she agreed to step in and hide. Aditya quickly closed the door of the Murgi Ghar and put a stick to hold the latch. Little did she realize that she would be locked in, and the petite little girl in her polka dotted red dress had murgis and bird-droppings all over her. Soon the servants came and rescued her, and of course she lived to tell the tale.

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