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How to brew the perfect cup of tea ?

by Shikha Puri 26 May 2017 0 Comments
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No matter how expensive the tea, if you don’t brew it right, it's nothing but hot water. Yes, it all begins with water - the element that brings tea to its full potential. Fresh water yields a better cup. We recommend using filtered, spring or bottled water.

Fill your tea kettle with fresh, cold water and heat to a rolling boil—unless you’re making green tea or white tea. In that case, stop short of boiling to avoid “cooking” the delicate tea.

If you’re using a teapot, warm it first by swirling in a splash of steamy water and pour it out.

Plan on about one teaspoon of tea or herbs per cup. While using whole leaf tea, place tea in infusing basket or teapot.

Different teas take well to different infusing times. Experiment to find your ideal time, but take care – don’t steep for too long or you’ll find your tea has gone bitter or acidic.

Time Your Brewing



Full Leaf


Short of boiling - 80 degrees Celsius

2 – 3 minutes


Short of boiling- 85 degrees to 88 degrees Celsius

3 – 5 minutes


Short of boiling- 80 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius

2 – 4 minutes


Boiling - 95 degrees Celsius

3 – 5 minutes

Masala / CTC

Boiling - 95 degrees Celsius

5 – 7 minutes

Pour the water over the tea, cover if in a pot, and infuse to taste, do not cook the tea in the water. Always remember that If you boil the water, the oxygen content is reduced, this will result in a flat cup of tea which is nothing but hot water. Now consider the time, money and the care you have taken to buy the tea.

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