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DLF5, Gurgaon Gets Treated to Real Tea by Teacupsfull

by Shikha Puri 14 Feb 2017 0 Comments
DLF5, Magnolias - Teacupsfull Tea Boutique, Gurgaon's only tea boutique by Tea Planters

Teacupsfull - A leading tea boutique based in Gurgaon, treated DLF5 residents to some outstanding teas and exceptional gifts in October 2016. The event was organized at The Magnolias, DLF Golf & Country Club, Gurgaon. The organizers had curated select brands "By Invitation Only" and we were one of the brands exhibiting there.

The response from residents was fantastic, some of them shared their experiences of buying tea from various tea boutiques and stores across the world. One of the residents at the Magnolias commented: "We get our teas from TWG Singapore and T2 in Australia, we didn't know that Gurgaon has its own tea boutique, the packaging she explained was comparable internationally to leading brands and stood out completely". After tasting our teas she exclaimed, "You can taste the difference in the first sip, teacupsfull teas were superior in taste and appearance". We now have a loyal buyer of our teas, she is a great fan of our English Breakfast tea and Moonlight White tea.

Teacupsfull is a Tea Boutique based in Gurgaon, Haryana in India. It's the only Tea Boutique in Gurgaon and NCR run by a Tea Planters family. The company's Tea Masters have a legacy of over 100 years in growing, harvesting and manufacturing award-winning teas, they have worked in leading tea companies like Goodricke Group, Duncans, Mcleod Russel and Rydak Syndicate. You can also buy our teas online at 


Seen in the picture is Shikha Puri: Founder of Teacupsfull interacting with a customer at The Magnolias, Gurgaon.

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