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Review-‘Tea Cups Full’, a Tea’lightful’ experience!!

by Shikha Puri 02 Aug 2017 0 Comments
N K Puri and Shikha Puri of Teacupsfull doing Tea Tasting, Shikha Puri - Founder of Teacupsfull
So convinced I was that “Tea” is yet another wonderful herb, India gave the world that the realization that it is indeed the Chinese, back anywhere in the B.C. era to at least 600 AD were the founders of tea left me a bit morose. After all the good old Masala Tea has been a staple in all Indian households, but I gathered myself quickly again; thanks in parts to the “Special Masala Chai” from Tea Cups Full. I was trying it for the first time and the rich aromatic herbs and spices… the good old cardamom, ginger and cinnamon quickly convinced me that we may not have discovered the tea but we sure have made it that much more refreshing and interesting. This tea truly epitomizes the Indian-ness tea has come to be associated with for over a century now.

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