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The Grub Fest, 2016. Teacupsfull enthrals the audience

by Shikha Puri 22 Mar 2017 0 Comments
Grub Fest, Teacupsfull, Tea Cups Full

Residents and employees of Gurgaon were treated to four days of gourmet delight at The Grub Fest - 2016. The event was hosted by DLF CyberHub. Teacupsfull - Gurgraon's only tea boutique managed and run by Tea Planters Family. Gurgaon treated citizens with some fantastic tea's at the event and over 50,000 people came there over four days. 

Our Tea Masters and Tea Tasters were there at the event. We organized Tea Tasting sessions for visitors and buyers, they were treated with over eighteen types of tea. We had great fun, one of the customers - Sumita Singh a tea enthusiast from Kolkata "It is encouraging to see that good quality Single Estate Teas are finally available in Gurgaon, all along we had to ask friends and family in Kolkata to send us tea of specific tea estates, but now one can safely buy authentic Darjeeling, Assam and specialty teas right here in Gurgaon".

Seen in the picture is our Tea Expert - Mr. N K Puri interacting with a Chinese buyer, he is explaining about Darjeeling Tea.

#Teacupsfull #TheGrubFest #Tea @teacupsfull

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