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There are three main harvest seasons in Darjeeling—spring, summer and autumn.
Spring (First Flush): As the name suggests is the first harvesting that takes place after winter, the season now starts from end February to end April. The teas made in this season have a complex flavor profile. They are minimally processed, and taste floral and fruity.
Summer (Second Flush): Starts from May to end June, this is the peak season for tea in Darjeeling, Dooars, Sikkim and Assam. Darjeeling produces specialty muscatels—teas, which is regarded as the ‘champagne’ of teas, the name comes from the muscat grapes, flavors of which are found in these teas.
Autumn is the last and main harvest season of the year, the estates produce refined Darjeeling Teas of woody and musky quality.
When you buy your favourite Darjeeling tea, you are buying the most coveted tea in the world. It is said that good Darjeeling Tea speaks to your soul, so free your mind, sit back and enjoy your cup of tea.